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Getting Chris off auto

Manual camera settings lesson for Chris
Chris having his photography lesson in my Brighton office

Today Chris turned up for his super quick lesson on manual camera settings. He was concerned that his girlfriend had been taking much better photos than him and wanted to see if he could improve the situation with his new Olympus EPL1. The EPL1 is a nifty little camera with a decent sized sensor, something I hadn’t used before but had seen some nice results online. It’s a camera that many users will probably keep on auto for most of the time, but it also has full range of semi auto and manual controls.

Chris wasn’t too familiar with apertures, f.stops and ISO, so we spent the first part of the session discussing the theory of getting a proper exposure and using camera controls to get the effects that you want. We then checked how these worked on his camera and went off to Queens Park for a short practical session. There are some limitations on what you can do with a camera like this, particularly with focusing speeds, but the controls were all there and easily accessible.

I think Chris got the hang of things very quickly and he was keen to try everything out. Because he wants the advanced control that you get with manual settings, I have the sneaking suspicion that he’s going to outgrow the Olympus quite soon and will be spending all of his savings on a nice new expensive camera.

If you are interested in one to one photography lessons please contact me to discuss your requirements and check prices and availability.

Portrait of Chris demonstrating depth of field

A shot of Chris in Queens Park showing control of depth of field on his EPL1

Photo showing blurrred background with panning technique

A panning shot, blurring the background as Chris walked by (I cheated for this one and used my Nikon).

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